2018 System Acceptance Review Submittal

UAA Robotics just submitted our 2018 URC System Acceptance Review (SAR)! Huge thanks to the members who gave up their days and nights to pull everything together! Check out the video here:

Blog: 2018 Engineering Career Fair

We had a very successful day hosting a booth at the UAA Engineering Career Fair! Thanks to all who helped out and stopped by!

Engineering Career Fair Booth

Engineering Career Fair Booth



Full Table

Full table, including Falcon Heavy live stream.

Blog: 2018 Student Involvement Fair

One year since the previous blog post, UAA Robotics hosted a booth at the Spring 2018 Student Involvement Fair. There was quite a bit of interest, and several new connections were made. Thanks to all who participated!

Several members made this possible

Using Iceberg 1 to hand out candy

2018 Student Involvement Fair Booth

Blog: UAA Student Involvement Fair

On February 1st, 2017 we unveiled our team and project during the campus-wide student involvement fair. We saw a lot of new interest. Many thanks to everyone that stopped and said hi.


Vlog 6: Suspension Decisions

Vlog 5: Career

Vlog 2: The Competition

Vlog 2 is up!

This is the last “long” form vlog for a while. Look for some new “shorts” coming soon.

Big thanks to Daniel, Heather, and Erik for starring in this talk about the URC competition.

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Vlog 1: Teamwork

A few thoughts on Teamwork. Starring: Elliott Morris, Dustin Mendoza, Kyle Allen

Produced by Trevor Sprague

Great work guys!